Early Morning Bass Fishing

Tips for Early Morning Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing Tips

The first couple hours of daylight tend to be the most successful for bass fishing. One reason is this is when many fish feed, therefor the bass are skimming the tops of the waters looking for smaller fish to feed on. You’ll first want to position yourself near sunken trees or other protective structures. This is especially true of the hotter and colder days of the year. Sunken trees or other structures provide cool places in the summer and warmth in the beginning of the winter/late fall. These areas tend to attract smaller, bait type fish that the bass thrive on.

To get a bite from the hungry bass try top water bait, and work it across the water. This will give the illusion of a smaller bait fish searching for food. If you can’t get a bite by skimming the top water piece you may want to try a worm. Remember the bass are hungry as well, which is why they’re cruising the structure. Carefully and quietly drop a worm near the structure and jig it, this should attract the hungry bass.

If you’re out on a windy day or a day where the waters are murky, try a buzzbait. Buzzbait will stir up the water at and near the surface, causing a vibration that will confuse the bass. On days where the water clarity is at a minimum the bass will be relying on senses other than sight to catch breakfast. The vibration will cause them to think there’s food near the surface (where their prey usually feasts).

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