Big Bass Baits

The Big Bass Baits

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If you wondered what the PRO’s use to catch those big Bass here are some of the Lures and rig setups they use for top water and subsurface fishing for Bass.

Now, here are some of my favorite TOP-WATER “Big Bass” baits that I strongly recommend to try.

1. A “full size” Zara Spook

2. A Buzz Bait

3. A “Soft” jerk bait

4. A Torpedo (Prop-Bait)

5. A large 6″ Gitzit (or tube bait)

These baits have caught more larger bass for me and my students and charter clients than most top water baits on today’s market.

These other baits would be SUB-SURFACE “Big Bass” baits that I would use should be worked under the waters surface:

1. A Jig & Pig combo (a jig can be used with several different types of trailers) my personal favorite trailers would be either a plastic pork chunk or a 4″ twin tailed Hula Grub.

2. A Carolina Rig (rigging this rig properly is just as important as what type of bait you would use with it.) My 2 favorite baits I usually use with this rig would be a 6 inch Lizard and a 4″ Gitzit (or tube bait)

3. A Texas Rigged twin tailed Hula Grub or a 4″ plastic Crawl.

I have personally used all of these baits at one point in my fishing life time and will admit I have caught Bass with all of them and will not ever go anywhere with out all of these in my tackle box. Good Fishing!

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