Easy Bass Fishing Tips

Easy Bass Fishing Tips

Bass Fishing Tips

1. The most basic tip that every freshwater fisherman, pro or beginner, needs to know and abide by everytime they go fishing, is to make their bait look presentable whether it be by adding a soft-plastic trailer, or putting an artificial scent on it. both largemouth and smallmouth bass would be much more attracted to an in-line spin bait with a soft plastic trailer with a fishy stench radiating off of it than they would just an unscented, bland-colored float worm. You want to make sure your bait is visible to the fish either by using bright, day-glow colors, willow-leaf blades (if it’s a spinner bait) or a colorado blade for vibration,which a fish can sense through its lateral line sense.

2. Next, you need to know when it is optimal bass feeding time. Bass tend to be more aggressive when it is slightly raining. since this is when the bass are most aggressive, and are feeding you won’t really need to dress up your bait that much, i prefer to use a bright colored jig. Late spring is just after the bass mating season. This is when female bass, which are usually larger than the males, are feeding and are extremely aggressive. I would recommend using a bait that resembles a small bass as the female may eat their young during this period

3. The third and by far the most useful tip for bass fishing is to know where to fish. both largemouth and smallmouth bass live in weed beds. It’s best to fish in thick weeded areas with lots of underwater foliage, like near a fallen tree.

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