Bass Fishing Lily Pads

Bass Fishing Lily Pads

Bass Fishing Ideas

Fishing for bass in a cove of lily pads is probably one of the most exciting types of bass fishing there is. However, there are some tricks to fishing in the lily pads to avoid losing all your good tackle to the stout undergrowth.

One of the first methods to employ is to start at the edge of the lily pad section. Keep your boat at a distance that you can make some good casts right at the edge of the lilies. Often there are some good size bass lurking just at the edge and will hit on a spoon or a shallow diving Rapala. These two baits will get hung in the stems of the lilies, so cast accurately to the edge.

Try looking for the shady side of the lily pads. This will often hold a few keepers. If there is a large opening in the pad section, try using spinner baits such as a Rooster Tail. This may sound crazy, but yellow ones work very well, white ones not as well.

You will encounter an area of lily pads that surround a circular opening at some point. You won’t get bass out of these areas but you can get them to hit. A spinner or spoon can work well by casting to the opposite side of the opening and working it across.

An all time favorite and time tested method of fishing lily pads is with the weedless frog. It is hard to beat the rush you get when a big bass hits that frog and runs. Simply cast into the lily pads and skip, or “jump” the frog across the pads. Be mindful of the lure, however, try to make the action as natural looking as you can.

Keeping these few tips in mind can add plenty of excitement to your bass fishing experience. Good luck!

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