Basic Bass Fishing Rules

Basic Bass Fishing Rules and Regulations

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Bass fishing rules and regulations are generally specific to the state in which you are fishing. A few of the basic rules and regulations are things such as smallmouth and largemouth bass can be fished year round, but states may impose size and bag limits specific to that state. Regulations and rules on private lakes may be very different from the state regulations and usually more strict. For example, in many private lakes there is a rule that only barbless hooks can be used to minimize the damage to the fish. In private ponds, the regulations are sometimes even stricter with very specific rules on what type of bait can be used, fish that can be caught and kept and what must be released.

Basic bass fishing rules and regulations in Michigan for example are a 14″ minimum length for small and large mouth bass. For most areas of the state, the season is from Saturday before Memorial Day through December 31. White bass season is open all year around with a bag limit of 25 per day and no size limit.

Basic bass fishing rules and regulations in Wisconsin are regulated with bass management zones. The northern zone allows for catch and release only from May 1 to June 18, and June 19 to March 6, 14″ minimum length and a bag limit of five per day. In the southern zone, open season May 1 to March 6, 14″ minimum length and a bag limit of five per day.

Basic bass fishing rules and regulation in Montana are divided into three districts, Western, Eastern and Central. All have a daily bag limit and in possession limit of five.

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