Late Night Bass Fishing

Tips For Late Night Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing Tips

Bass fishing is something many people enjoy. This fish can be a tough catch unless you know the right ways to go about it. Fishing at night for bass is something that you may want to consider. Besides not having to battle others for the fish, bass seem to feed better at night. Here are some tips to help you catch more bass when you fish at night. At night, fishing for bass seems much easier as the quiet tends to bring them out. This fish tends to feed well from around 7pm to 10pm so try to fish around those times if at all possible.

Look towards rocky banks as bass seem to be searching for crawfish in those areas. Using a black worm on the bottom is also something that works well. By slowing moving it through the water in shallow areas seem to draw bass to it. Nightcrawlers and lures with contrasting colors are also something to consider. Both of these have seemed to work well at night when fishing for bass. If you have dark lures try using them on top of the water. You maybe able to have good success with this method. Places such as docks with illuminated lighting are also a good place at night to fish for bass. For some reason bass are drawn to artificial lighting and you could catch more bass then you can imagine. The key to fishing for bass at night is trying a variety of different of things. What may work one night may not work the next night. The key is too always change things when fishing for bass at night.

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